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Risk Management for SME’s the ISO 31000:2018 way

ISO 31000:2018 a crucial asset in dealing with uncertainties in making decisions Today, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to deal in a suitable manner with the increasing uncertainties that our constantly changing society generates. In that regard, risk is the effect of uncertainty on objectives (definition according to ISO 31000:2018) and this effect can be

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Comparing ISO 31000 (2009) with the draft ISO 31000 (2017) – Part 1

Part 1 –  THE INTRODUCTION An eye-catching feature Recently the draft version of the first revision of the ISO 31000 standard has become available for purchase and review. (https://www.iso.org/obp/ui/#iso:std:iso:31000:dis:ed-2:v1:en) and a first rather drastic change is immediately visible in the introduction of the standard, as it really catches the eye. In this first article comparing

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ISO 31000 (2009) FRAMEWORK

Mandate and commitment from top management The ISO 31000 principles can be seen as elements of leadership, guiding thoughts that answer the question why one should implement risk management in one’s organisation. They are also a set of values, beliefs and convictions, the fundamental mental models, guiding daily operations in organisations and the fundamental ideas

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