Respect and respecting People, Profit and Planet is what Total Respect Management (TR³M) is all about. It is an inclusive management philosophy, methodology and a framework with a focus on the whole. This focus first and foremost leads towards an organisational attitude. This attitude allows businesses to align strategic objectives, strategy and culture. But what does the word ‘respect’ mean in this context? This might be an obvious question to ask when you are not familiar with this management concept. Because, the word ‘respect’ has many different connotations. Some associations provide good feelings, but others possibly trigger more unfriendly considerations and emotions. As respect does not have the same meaning to everyone. For instance, it is possible that respect is regarded as something belonging to past ages. In that case, the concept of respect is strictly linked with obligations and privileges going together with hierarchy and social status or positions in organisations or society. Or, respect could be understood as a kind of awe or devotion for a specific person for its virtues or achievements. Respect could also be interpreted as keeping a distance to someone or something and avoiding bothering someone or something. However, none of these meanings are what we want to imply by using the word ‘respect.’


Respect in the way we intend to use the word for TR³M, is an expression originally derived from the Latin word respectus. In its turn respectus comes from the verb respicere, which means ‘to look again,’ ‘to look back at,’ ‘to regard’ or ‘to consider someone or something.’ In other words, the original meaning of the word ‘respect’ holds the connotation of giving someone or something your dedicated attention in order to have a better view on the matter or give it some thought, particularly to come to a better understanding. When used in the context of Total Respect Management this is exactly how the word ‘respect’ needs to be understood. It is a concept indicating a very specific attitude, which is a dedicated and appropriate focus on a certain subject, person, object or situation, in order to come to a deeper understanding of an issue and its context, and to be capable of making the right decisions. It is a basic attitude to be developed and ingrained in an organisational culture. It is a means of leverage which leads to a better understanding of individual and organisational issues, subsequently allowing for appropriate decision-making and action in the pursuit of individual and organisational objectives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Consider this for a moment. When do you feel truly respected? Is this not when you receive appropriate and dedicated attention from other people? Is this not when another person really wants to understand what you do or say? Is this not when individuals or institutions understand exactly what is important to you and act accordingly? The basic attitude which leads to this understanding and this way of acting, is what we want to indicate with the word ‘respect.’ In essence, Total Respect Management is about respecting People, Profit and Planet. It is about understanding how the three P’s of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be respected, to get sustainable results and an optimal performance.

Respecting people is the domain of leadership, respecting profit is the domain of risk management and finally respecting the planet is relentlessly pursuing excellence in products and services.

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