‘Safety & Performance’ by Peter Blokland and Genserik Reniers

Safety & Performance 

SAFETY & PERFORMANCEThe book Safety & Performance is not just about performance. It is also not just about safety. It is about both performance ánd safety, and how these two are unavoidably linked, in all circumstances whether they like it or not. It is the combination of tireless attention for and performance and safety that delivers sustainable profits in any organisational context.

To this end, the authors elaborate and describe an approach that can be used exactly for dealing with performance and safety in one go, and asking the right questions at the right time to the right people. The idea is to align the different teams and levels within the organisation through shaping the right mental models, dialogue, and respect.

Leadership and management practices are indispensable in this regard, and the book therefore explains their roles and tasks as well. Applying the concepts, approaches, models, practices and recommendations given and expounded in the book leads to excellent sustainable results as well as the long-term viability of any organisation.

This book includes chapters on mental models, measuring unsafe situations/activities, risk management, dialogue skills, leadership models, change management, and organisational alignment. The approach that is explained herein is called Total Respect Management and can be considered as a user-friendly way to achieve safety (Safety-I) and performance (Safety-II) proactively in any organisational context. (Imprint: Nova)

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Reviews on Safety & Performance

“This book puts risk management into a larger context where Total Respect Management aims to develop a holistic view on value creation, not only for the shareholders, but also for the society, i.e. respect all stakeholders’ objectives. It gives insight into a balanced and integrated combination of leadership, management and excellence.”

Eyvind Aven, Vice President Enterprise Risk Management
Statoil ASA, Norway

“The authors have dissected safety and its relationship to performance to enable the reader to understand the dependencies and, importantly, the opportunities created by their intersection. While I believe risk is the ultimate enabler or impediment to strategic goal achievement, safety is a critical component of organizational cultures and by correlation, their performance. You’ll come away from this work with a better understanding of why both are inherently true.”

Chris Mandel, RF, CPCU, ARM-E, AIC
SVP, Strategic Solutions, Director
Sedgwick Institute, Nashville Tennessee, USA

“Safety and Performance by Blokland and Genserik offers readers a clear path to integrating key safety and security management principles and concepts into all levels of the enterprise.”

Jason L Brown, FSyI, CSyP, RSecP.
National Security Director
Thales Australia & New Zealand

“Hurray, finally a book that sees safety and performance as two sides of the same coin!  Blokland and Reniers help us imagine futures that can inspire action toward a different way of organizing our work–so that it can be better and safer. Let’s not just try to find what’s wrong and fix that, they argue. Instead, let’s focus our energy on what works already and build from there.”

Professor Sidney Dekker MA MSc PhD
Director, Safety Science Innovation Lab
Griffith University (Nathan), Australia

“If you want to perform better in whatever industry then this is the book for this, you will learn from the positive and negative events and that is a paradigm shift for safety professionals. The book has extremely interesting and unusual practical, deep, and even philosophical examples that cater for all audiences.” 

Adel Bataweel, PhD MBA
Consultant and Chairman of Risk Management
King Fahad Medical City, Saudi Arabia