My dream

I dream of a world that is abundant and rich!

I dream of a world that is abundant and rich. Where people don’t compete with each other, only to seek and fulfill their own needs, but instead work together for the benefit of all.

I dream of a world where people recognize they can shape the world to their satisfaction, because their quality of mind is up to the task. A world where thought leads to action and success, instead of fear and failure.

I dream of a world where people first think about the wellbeing of all before thinking of own needs. Where people enjoy giving more than they enjoy receiving.

I dream of a world where people are smart and clever and therefore are capable of generating an abundance of added value with the resources they have at their disposal.

I dream of a world where we are motivated and capable of recycling all our precious primary resources over and over again, making a better use of them at each new turn.

I dream of a society that pursues the creation of value for all, instead of taking it away from some. Where respect and freedom rule, where people care, where love is powerful and where hate and envy are distant memories.

I dream of a world where people are inspired and enjoy the work they do, because it is meaningful and contributes to the wellness of the world.

I dream of a world where companies play the role that is rightfully theirs. Where they can be a source of happiness and prosperity for all stakeholders. Where they endeavour in a sustainable way, with respect for the optimal creation of added value and with respect for all people and their environment.

I dream of a world where anguish and anxiety can fade away to make room for enterprise and audacity, to allow steadfast progress for all.

I dream of a world that we can create! It’s just a matter of perception!

Of course, the challenge is huge, but I have the conviction it can be done. It is just a matter of respect. The only thing is that time is running out, and it becomes more and more important, even urgent that we start working on this dream now. All together!

Because we will not solve the problems related to climate change, wars, disease or poverty, when we don’t respect each other and keep thinking in terms of short term profit without taking sustainability into account.

Therefore, we have the paramount responsibility to become excellent. People, organisations, companies, society, we all need to be involved to achieve this dream. For it is only by excellent work and effort that we will achieve or come closer to this goal and that the world of mankind will persevere.

Peter Blokland

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