ISO 31000 – Risk Management

All management is risk management!

According to ISO 31000, “risk is the effect of uncertainty on objectives”. This effect of uncertainty can be negatively and/or positively understood: gain is positive and loss is negative.
ISO 31000 is a guidance standard which can help you integrate risk management in all the processes and at all the levels of your organisation.

Why ISO 31000?

ISO 31000 allows for optimum decisions, aiming for profit, while reducing the likelihood of losses.

The same principles, framework and process can be used to manage both sides of risk. It is about performing safely. When you understand the ISO 31000 Standard well, you have everything you need to integrate risk based thinking into your organisation in the most complete and probably even in the quickest way.


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ISO 31000 will help you

  • manage innovation and growth
  • build on your strengths
  • pursue opportunities
  • develop new ideas

And ISO 31000 is also beneficial in dealing with your

  • threats
  • hazards
  • weaknesses

Risk management helps to develop a clear vision on objectives and aids in taking well informed, and therefore also better, decisions.

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ISO 31000 Principles, Framework and Process in a Nutshell

ISO 31000 (2009)