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What is unacceptable risk?

What is unacceptable risk? Someone posed me the following question on the Quora forum:  “What is unacceptable risk?“. It made me reflect on the matter and I don’t think there’s an easy answer. Risk is in the eye of the beholder. What is acceptable to one is maybe unacceptable risk for another person. However, in the

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Living in the comfort zone

Perceptions of danger and safety in the comfort zone Safety & Performance, opposing forces? Often safety and performance in an individual or organisational context are deceptively seen as opposing forces. In this line of thinking, doing things out of the ordinary brings about unknown risks. As such, this is considered being dangerous and therefore people

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Safety & performance are two sides of the same coin. Performance is about pursuing risk and achieving objectives, while safety is about eliminating the negative effects of uncertainty on those objectives and their achievement. What is performance without safety? Or, what is safety without performance? My answer is: Nothing! Performing safely is what every organisation should

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