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A story about Mountains – Part 5 – Total Respect Management

Part 5 – Total Respect Management Improve your results In the previous parts of ’a story about mountains’ you learned that a business or organisation can be compared to a mountain and how communication, management and leadership can improve life on your mountain. Today I want to take you with me to a mountain to

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A story about Mountains – Part 4 – Leadership

  The importance of good leadership for organisations and companies. Showing the way and taking care Management and leadership go hand in hand. They need each other to achieve results effectively. If management on our mountain is depicted by its governing infrastructure (see Part 3), then leadership can be compared with the signposts, the planted

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Living in the comfort zone

Perceptions of danger and safety in the comfort zone Safety & Performance, opposing forces? Often safety and performance in an individual or organisational context are deceptively seen as opposing forces. In this line of thinking, doing things out of the ordinary brings about unknown risks. As such, this is considered being dangerous and therefore people

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