Measure Unsafety

Welcome to the measure your “unsafety” page for the TUDelft – Safety & Security Science Section

The purpose of the “Report Unsafety” application is to test a concept of measuring the level of (un)safety as experienced in a group of people in a defined working environment.

It is also the purpose of this application to generate data which can be used to generate and elevate (the level of) dialogue within this group of people.

For this application to work, we would appreciate your cooperation in reporting anything that you might qualify as some sort of loss. A more extensive explanation on the application and its use can be found here: Measuring (un)safety user manual

To report your unsafety (Safety 1) experience: click the button below.

Report UNSAFETY – TUDelft S3G

Similarly to experiencing negative consequences related to objectives, also positive consequences can be experienced. One could see this as evidence of experiencing SAFETY 2 (objectives that are successful).

In the same way that negative effects of uncertainty on objectives can be reported (Report UNSAFETY = SAFETY 1), also the positive effects of uncertainty on objectives should  be reported. As it is only the balance between Safety 1 and safety 2 that really gives an idea of the level of safety in the S3G section.

To report your safety (Safety 2) experience: click the button below